Mponta beach – a convenient seclusion

Located just below the main road connecting Ierapetra to Makrygialos, Mponta (or Grias Pidima) is a relatively secluded beach, compared to other beaches in the nearby area, at a distance of just 900 meters west of Villa SouthCrete. “Mponta” (GR: μπόντα) is a forgotten word of the Cretan dialect and means small river or stream.

Chrissi Island – a tropical paradise

Chrissi island (GR: Χρυσή meaning «Golden») also known as Gaidouronisi (GR: Γαϊδουρονήσι meaning «donkey island»), lies 8 nautical miles south of the town of Ierapetra in the open Libyan Sea. It is a flat island very famous for its tropical blue water that cover all possible palette hues of blue and green, the protected forest with large cedar trees and the thousands of broken shells that make the sand pinkish.

Istro Beach (LASITHI, CRETE)

Crete Istro beach Lassithi: In the coastal road south of Agios Nikolaos there are five to six beaches with blue waters, from Agios Nikolaos to Mohlos. One of them is Istros which is found 12 km south of Agios Nikolaos town on the road towards Ierapetra. The crystal clear blue waters and the white sand are two of the main characteristics that have made this beach so popular.

VAI beach “Crystal clear greek waters”

Vai beach sits at the foot of the Vai palm forest, the largest of its sort in Europe. There are various stories of how the palm trees came to be here ranging from Arab pirates spitting date stones ashore to Phoenician traders planting them. The truth is though, they were always here and as a protected site will hopefully remain.